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Austin Texas Appliance Repair

If your appliance is broken, call us today! Our trained technicians can fix any problem you may be having. We repair all makes and models of appliances with a lifetime warranty for no extra charge on top of the cost to replace it.

When your appliances stop working, many people are hesitant to call an unknown company because they fear the cost or service will be too expensive. We want you to know that's not true at all - we offer affordable same day service for your convenience so there is never more time than necessary before your home is fixed up again!

Appliance Repair

Dryer Repair

Drying your clothes can take a long time. Especially if you just let them hang somewhere.


Refrigerator Repair

Call Us we service every brand. A fridge is a major appliance and replacing it is not always easy.


Stove Repair

n the course of using your stove, there are numerous hitches that can be encountered.

Austin Appliance Repair

The experts at Austin Appliance Repair are hear to help! Whether you have a broken appliance or need some advice on what type of repair will suit your budget, don't hesitate and fill out our contact form below. Our technicians would love the opportunity to answer any questions that may not be covered in this page's introduction from Aust

The expertise behind Austin Appliance Repair can handle all types of appliances ! If you're unsure about which kind of repairs is best for your device, please feel free to send us an inquiry using our online contact form so we can assist - one of ou urs team members would love nothing more than talk with y

Austin TX Appliances' professionals work hard every day t accomplish great results ffor their customers!

Austin Tx

We Are Your Local Austin Texas

Are you having trouble with appliances in your home? Perhaps a dishwasher or refrigerator is broken and needs to be repaired. Our affordable Austin Appliance Repair can fix these for less than the cost of replacing them! We have been created by our experienced technicians who care about getting things back up and running as quickly they become damaged, so don't hesitate when it comes time to repair an appliance again.

The reason our customer service team has been trained properly is because we are locally owned and operated. We live in the Austin community, so it's important for us to meet your needs as well as understand any day-to-day issues you're dealing with. Our goal isn't just a happy client; It's also about keeping you safe from emergencies that can come up at any moment! Lastly, if there is an emergency on a weekend or after hours... don't worry!! You'll be able to call someone who will handle everything right away!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our appliance repair. We are the #1 choice of hundreds of satisfied customers and have over 30 years experience in this industry! Let us make your appliances like new again with just one call to

We know repairing appliances isn’t part of most people's daily routine, which is why it feels like such an inconvenience when they break down at an inconvenient time or need repairs just out-of-warranty – but don't worry because we understand this frustration better than anyone else does (believe me). Our technicians are always available for emergency calls; whatever happens after hours doesn't happen until tomorrow morning.


Top Appliance Repair Services

All of our Austin Appliance Repair technicians are passionate about what they do. We work hard and strive to provide the best results, so we hope you're satisfied with every job that's completed!

Our Austin Appliance Repair service is committed to providing you with quality repairs. We work hard and are always available for the best results, so we hope that our dedication will show in your satisfaction at the end of every job completed!

At Appliance Repair Experts, we have the supplies and experience to fix any appliance. We're full of screws and components that will help make your appliances last longer! Don't worry about where they go - our team knows what each component is for when you need a replacement part or screw in order to get things working again. And if something's not right with your machine after getting it fixed by us? No problem: just call back; we'll come out free-of-charge within 30 days from purchase date, even if its been more than 60 days since service was done on site because sometimes pieces can break down over time too much stress has been put through them during repair causing no problems until later...(etc)

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Washer Repair

Call us when your washer calls it quits, we offer repair and replacement services for all makes and models. Call Us at the first sign of trouble with your washing machine so that our qualified technicians can diagnose any problems before they turn into a bigger issue.

CALL US TODAY request appointment 888-909-9544 in Leander and Cedar Park

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We're so excited and proud of our business! Our customers love us too, because we have five stars. We hope that you will continue to support us in the future!

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